South Asians are publishing letters to the editor in city and campus newspapers all over America between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2016 to raise our voices in response to the post-election climate. Join us. We can’t be silent.

Feeling frustrated or hopeless after the election? This is the time to raise our voices about the backlash affecting those most vulnerable (including Muslims, undocumented immigrants, refugees, Black and Brown people, trans and LGBTQ communities), and to call for inclusion and justice for all. Take action now because we can’t be silent. 

How to help shift the conversation right now:

1. Find a city or campus newspaper near you (5 mins)

Search Google for “[name of city] newspaper” — or check this list of the top 50 outlets for a local paper.

2. Find the paper’s letter to the editor policy (5 mins)

Search Google for “[name of newspaper] submit a letter to the editor”

The policy will include (a) the maximum word count for a letter, and (b) an email or web form to submit it.

3. Read our sample letters, and key talking points (5 mins)

This will be easy. Just look at the examples.

4. Write a short (~100-250 word) letter, based on the key points (30 minutes)

Build on the examples, stay under the paper’s word count, and make sure to avoid the two most common mistakes.

(Write 100 words in 30 minutes? You can do this!)

5. Submit the letter (5 minutes)

(Make sure to save a copy, because you’ll need in for the step 6.)

6. Tell us that you submitted the letter! (5 minutes)

Just follow this link, and paste in the letter you sent. Done!