Getting Started

Write your letter to the editor using the examples we have provided, or gather a group of people to write letters. Here are some ideas and background resources for group efforts:


    1. On your campus: Student associations at colleges can use this activity in monthly membership meetings. Here are some tips:
      • Have folks bring laptops or tablets
      • Make sure to time-keep
      • The perfect is the enemy of the good — better to have an easy-to-read 100-word letter than something long and complicated
      • Remind participants that the letter may be read by a variety of audiences, and that inclusive language is helpful
      • Be clear that this is just one of many ways to engage, and ask participants how they want to follow up
    2. At Home: Write a letter together as a family over Thanksgiving or Christmas
    3. Via community-based organizations: Organizations can ask their members to send in letters, or use this activity at meetings.



Take time to read and understand the impact of the climate today on communities around the country. Suggested resources: